Stainless Steel Wall Panels

What Are Stainless Steel Wall Panels? Use of metal wall panels for a building’s exterior is a viable choice over aluminum or vinyl siding. Panels are made of chromium-nickel stainless steel that provides true strength. They can be bent and adapted to various architectural styles and aesthetics. Use of stainless steel wall panels for internal walls is common. Types of these panels are seen in high-rise buildings. Decorative patterns are easily created to give buildings their sense of style and personality. They can suit almost any need. Sizes vary, although smaller sizes are more attractive and less expensive.

Types of Stainless Steel Wall Panels

Metal Wall Panels

Metal Wall PanelsThese are most frequently used as siding options. They can be customized to resemble various shapes, making them decorative as well as practical. Wave, circular, and 3-dimensional patterns are just a few examples of how the metal is adapted to conform to architectural preferences.

Composite Metal Wall Panels

A composite metal wall panel has built-in insulation for nearly any wall system. Sound insulation cuts down on energy costs. Foamed-insulated and laminated-insulated are the two types available.

Flat-Plate Metal Wall Panels

Flat-plate metal wall panels provide all the advantages of metal wall panels. But they possess a higher resistance to impact, making them more durable.

Metal-Faced Composite Panels

A very cost-effective type of stainless steel wall panel is one that is a metal-faced composite. Like the others, it can conform to various shapes and sizes. But it has lower resistance to impact, making it less stable than its counterparts. Maintenance and repairs costs could be higher.


Stainless steel wall panels require very little in the way of upkeep or ongoing maintenance. Because they can be purchased with insulation, the cost of heating and cooling is less. They do not require annual painting, or, like wood, sealing. If considering their use when building a home, these wall panels are more affordable. Repairs are infrequent which translates, long-term, into fewer costs for labor and supplies.

Sometimes adding stiffeners to the metal will cause the substance to show through on the face of the panel. This can detract from its aesthetic appeal.


PittingAlthough stainless steel metal wall panels are resistive to environmental factors such as snow, wind, and rain, their protective coating is not impervious. This creates a condition known as pitting, which appears as tiny scars, or nicks, in the face of the panel. Pitting is not a structural concern, but rather one that affects the look of the home or building.