General information about selling a condo

Some of the most considered factors when selling a condo include; location, amenities, size, and the price of the apartment. There is also an analysis of the condos physical features of the apartment. The physical properties to look out for include; condition of the building, parts of the condo like appliances, roof, elevators, heating systems, air conditioning, electrical wiring plumbing just to mention a few. Seaboard Properties are one of the best companies as far as real estate is concerned.

Below are some of the factors that are to be considered;

New construction

condominium A seller of a condo should understand that some laws and regulations govern the sale of a condo. Some of items to look out for are; the size of the apartment, the space available for recreational facilities, parking spaces, as some of the options. Thus, as a buyer must go through the requirements of the condo before settling on the type of condo and if their condo of choice fits the needs. Therefore, a buyer should not only rely on advertisements and brochures for information about their desired condo.

Factors to consider when going through the offering plan;

The following are the key areas that should be looked into when checking the offering plan; this should match what is in the offering plan, what the sales agent is telling you about the property and what is genuinely at the site.

Recreational facilities

As per the offering plan the recreational facilities should be well described for the users.  What is the type of equipment that is installed in the recreational facilities? What kind of material is available in the installation?


The landscaping should be explained in detail as per the offering plan.  What are the number of trees planted? What type of trees are planted? Will there be an underground water system? However, most of the condo builders do not extensively invest in the landscape, and if the buyers are interested, then they can pay for the upgrade to the apartment.

Amenities and appliances in units

gfgfgfgfgffThe offering plan should have a name of the brand, the type, and quality of the device and the type of facilities available at the condo. The information should be detailed so that the buyers can know whether expensive things like jacuzzi, fireplaces, and bathtubs are available. If an item is not included in the offering plan, then the seller should not expect a premium pay for those articles not listed in the offering plan by the buyers. The quality of the elements provided should also be as stipulated in the offering plan.